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Broadbnnd Price Increases

The Benefits of SoGEA

For 2 years  we have been talking about, and providing the business community with our SoGEA broadband product.

SoGEA benefits businesses looking to prepare for the full fibre future of digital Britain who are not in area where full fibre broadband is currently available. It is very much a stepping stone product but a very effective one.

As a business owner or decision maker you should be asking yourself ‘how do I get SoGEA?’. But in case you’re still wondering what the benefits of SoGEA are, we’ve listed a few here for you.


SoGEA provides cost and time savings. SoGEA is cheaper than the combined costs of a phone line and traditional Internet package. It is also around 30% cheaper than Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC). Designed to be used in conjunction with a Hosted  VoIP Phone System, pairing the reliable connectivity provided by SoGEA with an inexpensive cloud-based VoIP solution means you benefit from huge savings.

With SoGEA everything comes from one provider, meaning you can easily report and resolve faults if anything goes wrong, meaning complaint resolution is quicker.

Quick Installation

SoGEA is quick to install, typically 5 working days, making it a perfect solution for home or remote working. It also provides minimal disruption to businesses. Whats more, through KAT Communications the broadband service is offered on a rolling 30 day term.

High Speed

SoGEA offers speeds similar of upto 80mbps to FTTC, providing high speed reliable connections. Designed specifically to be used alongside a hosted phone system and cloud based solutions as Microsoft 365, SoGEA is a flexible and robust business solution.

Future Proof

With Openreach switching off the PSTN network by the end of 2025, PSTN exchanges across the UK are already being switched off in preparation for the move to full fibre. SoGEA enables your business to have a broadband or ethernet connection agnostic of the PSTN network, future-proofing your business connectivity.

Built for Business

With the looming PSTN switch off in 2025 and an increase in the use of hosted VoIP phone systems and other cloud based solutions most businesses aren’t looking to landline services anymore. Traditional telephony solutions are expensive with rentals, leasing charges and maintenance and are now becoming obsolete.

For more information on how to future proof your business broadband or for guidance on migrating your business broadband to SoGEA or full fibre contact our team via 10302 260195 or

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