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Is your Business READY for the
PSTN Network Switch off?

The PSTN/ ISDN stop sell has already begun!

As we, at last make the move from a copper based telephone and broadband network you will soon start to see some changes to how you communicate. And though, the existing copper networks are due for retirement at the beginning of 2027, the stop sell program have already started happening. The UK has been moving towards a faster, more stable communications backbone for sometime. Now the time where you will see changes take place.

Are you switched on to the switch off?

of decision makers are aware of the 2023 stop sell

of decision makers are reviewing their phone lines and broadband options

30% of business owners havent made plans to replace their old phone lines

of decision makers have not started making plans for losing their phone lines and broadband.

What is being switched off and when?

As part of Openreach’s plan to switch off copper PSTN phone lines and digital ISDN lines at the beginning of 2027 there are 2 separate projects running alongside called the Stop Sell project and the full fibre priority exchange project.

The stop sell project is where copper and digital phones lines cannot be ordered as new or additional services from September 2023. This means if you need an extra ISDN channel for your phone system you will not be able to order one, if you need an extra copper phone line. You will not be able to order one.

Stop Sell has already started as part of Openreachs full fibre priority exchange program and as of January 2023 there were over 700 Openreach exchange areas where stop sell has already started. These are exchanges where 75% of premises linked to that exchange can access full fibre services.

We’re here to help your Business

At KAT we understand the important of working broadband and phone lines for your business. Our team is experienced in providing broadband and bespoke phone systems as individual as your business.

Don’t gamble with your broadband and phone number – let KAT Communications keep you connected.

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