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By choosing KAT to be your provider of business phone lines and calls you will be choosing to be connected onto the UK’s largest network and have your lines installed and supported by the UK’s largest network team.

However, instead of being one customer among thousands when connecting to a network directly you will be guaranteed a much more personal service with a named account manager. Your account manager will be in contact with you through all stages of the order process, even being available at your site to allow the engineer access to complete the work if you cannot be available. Your account manager will then be your contact for all matters regards your lines and calls after the install is complete.

A simple business phone line, one phone number per line. This kind of line rental is mainly now used to house a standard or superfast broadband service on, but is also ideal for if you rely on a traditional fax line, credit/debit card line or have an alarm line. These lines can be used with a phone system but generally just connect to a line-box and are therefore are used with stand-alone telephones.

Business multi-lines provide exactly the same services as single lines however a single number can be shared between numerous lines. This ensures that when a phone line is engaged, a call can be passed to the next line so that it isn’t missed.

Multi-lines are generally used with basic small business telephone systems with multiple handsets and are able to utilise a smaller number of lines. At KAT we are seeing less of these phone lines installed in the market place as more people move to hosted VoIP style phone systems.

Digital phone lines are mainly used when connecting to a traditional phone system where typically up to 8 people need a phone. In its basic form 1 x isdn2 provides 2 channels. Many call features are available such as direct dial numbers. Call divert, and call barring. However the main benefit of ISDN over analogue services is that numerous numbers (known as DDI’s) can be shared over a smaller set of lines, for instance 100 DDI numbers could be shared across 30 users on just 8 channels of ISDN2e, so each member of staff, each department and user group could have its own individual number without the need to pay for lots of lines. Please be aware there will be a gradual phasing out of ISDN before Openreach close down the ISDN network in 2025.

Similar to ISDN but on a larger scale, whereas 1 x isdn2 can provide 2 channels an ISDN30 provides in its basic form 30 so ideal for corporate business. All the same call features available on isdn2 are available on isdn30. Please be aware there will be a gradual phasing out of ISDN before Openreach close down the ISDN network in 2025.

An alternative to the dated ISDN technology which can give your business more flexibility compared to other fixed line solutions. Instead of phone calls going over traditional lines, calls are made over your internet connection. One of the main benefits of SIP trunks is your phone numbers are kept in the cloud rather than linked to your local telephone exchange meaning with office moves you can keep your existing number no matter where you move to.

All these services are offered with discounted call charges, no minimum call charge, no call set up fee, free itemised billing and call reports and a personal customer service unrivalled by the large service providers or the networks direct.

  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Online Billing Provided Free
  • Use of Tier 1 networks to ensure the
    best quality of calls at ALL times
  • Short term agreements
  • Per second billing
  • No minimum call charge
  • Regular tariff reviews to ensure you
    are on the best rates at all times
  • Network supported by BT Openreach
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