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Since 2012, with the help of our partners we have been changing the public guest WiFi landscape. Customers in public venues such as bars, coffee shops, restaurants, hotels etc have come to expect free WiFi, but traditionally it hasn’t offered much benefit to the company providing it. Our Guest WiFi solution changes that, offering a seamless combination of free, family-friendly WiFi for your customers and real-time marketing analytics to enable a better understanding of, and communications with your customers.

The authentication method for login either uses form access or social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Venues can request that users “like” or “follow” them, with free WiFi access in return.

With Guest WiFi the possibilities are endless. The solution can be tailored to suit any sector, from retail and hospitality to education and healthcare.

WiFi Analytics

Through your own portal, you will be able to view real-time customer data. Demographics include age, gender, location, data usage, the amount of users and length of internet use. This information allows you to segment your audience and create personalised marketing campaigns.

WiFi Marketing

The portal’s array of marketing tools allow you to monitor activity and promote your business. You can choose to customise the offline and online splash page with your branding and advertising. Using this combined with analytics and unique e-shots will enable you to target your audience effectively.

From June 2017 you will also be able to send out surveys asking one simple question “How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague?” Your customer will then select a number 0 – 10, 10 being best. Depending on the answer you can then tailor a second follow up question. A great way of finding out if your customers are happy with you.


By integrated store floor plans to the system, we can heat map people’s movement and even draw “fences” around specific areas, allowing you to trigger marketing messages. For example, geo-fencing would inform the retailer of a person’s dwell time in the ladies clothing department. That person could then receive an offer for accessories or be notified about an upcoming sale.

Social WiFi

This gives you immediate social media engagement with a wider network of friends and followers. You have the option to make “likes” or “follows” mandatory in return for access to the WiFi, but we have found that most people are happy to do so of their own accord. Social WiFi means that you’ll appear on many social feeds, increasing exposure and awareness of your brand.

WiFi Security and Legal

There are a number of implications when you provide public WiFi, so it’s reassuring to know that we offer our product in line with all relevant and current legislation. Secure public WiFi means that your customers can enjoy safe browsing and your own private network will be protected.

Content Filtering

For any public venue that provides WiFi to guests, there is a risk that consumers could access content which isn’t family-friendly. Our chosen partners are a member of the Internet Watch Foundation and their content filtering service blocks IWF blacklisted URLs.

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