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VoIP Phone Systems – what can they offer your business?

It is a few years now since we wrote our blog ‘We weren’t ready for VoIP before – now its here to stay!’. At the time we spoke about how hosted solutions such as VoIP (voice over internet protocol) are only as good as the broadband you put it on. Since that blog was published we have seen great improvements in the coverage of superfast broadband PLUS we have seen the exciting launch of the future proof Ultrafast broadband.

Never has there been a better time to look at upgrading to a VoIP phone system.

Are your existing phone lines and phone system up to the job?

Businesses historically have been tied into long term phone contracts, and its easy to become complacent with your existing solution – only looking at the spend and not the solution. However, developments in technology probably mean that whatever you ordered at the time may not be the right fit for you now. For example, in the space of 12 months we have gone from talking to businesses about Superfast broadband to now we are talking about Superfast and Ultrafast Broadband. Connectivity is constantly improving with faster speeds and more stable connections and the opportunities that go with it are therefore increasing by the day.

So, if your existing phone lines and system meets your current needs, why change?

At KAT we don’t believe you should just ‘settle’ with your lines and systems being just good enough when we can provide a solution that can not only future proof your business but the likelihood is we can do it for a lower cost.

If you are not on VoIP, then the likelihood is you will be on ISDN or analogue lines and whilst they have been historically ok they do have their limitations. If you have a plain old phone system on your premises, then:

  • You are probably having to pay expensive maintenance charges to look after your on premise equipment.
  • Changing anything on your phone system normally require a bit of hardware and a call out fee to install it.
  • You are reliant on the phone lines coming into the building, each line has a cost and no matter how feature rich your phone system is your system is still limited but the number of lines.
  • You may be on an expensive lease, where the equipment has been paid for fourfold and yet the equipment may not even be yours at the end of it.

Let’s not forget BT have already advised they are switching off their ISDN network in 2025 and they intend to start moving their customers to VoIP phone systems by the back end of 2018.

Anthony Temperton of KAT said “we talk to businesses on a daily basis and advise them not to waste the fact they have superfast or ultrafast broadband on just thinking I can get my emails quicker, look at all the other options now available to you and what they can bring to your business”

Hosted VoIP has many benefits and at KAT we are finding implementing a VoIP phone system can not only reduce your legacy line rental charges down by over 50% but we can also reduce call charges down by a similar amount. And let’s not forget as its cloud based you no longer have maintenance charges for your on site equipment!

As well as cost savings, further benefits of a Hosted VoIP phone system include:

  • no need for expensive leasing or maintenance as the only hardware needed on site can be handsets.
  • access to features previously reserved for large corporates, now available to all sized businesses by just adding a tick in a box.
  • Accomodate remote and home workers and make them feel part of the office with the own remote extension.
  • As hosted VoIP connects onto your broadband or leased line connection you are no longer limited by the number of physical lines coming into your business.

For more information on making the move to a Hosted VoIP phone system then contact our team on 01302 260195 or via enquiries@

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