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Leased LIne

Thinking of choosing a leased line for your business?

KAT Communications have been providing dedicated leased line solutions to business customers across Doncaster and South Yorkshire for over 10 years. In that time we have seen businesses choose a leased line for many reasons, including lack of options of other connectivity products meaning the only way to be ‘online’ was to have a leased line.

However, the launch of full fibre broadband and the move towards a Digital Britain has shook up the leased line market. Why? The rollout of full fibre broadband has meant more business owners have moved to that from leased lines and that in turn has created the knock on effect of a reduction in the price of a leased line.

10 – 15 years ago it was the norm to pay in excess of £500 for a leased line, now leased lines (dependent on survey) are available for under £200 a month.

What is a leased line?


A leased line or ethernet circuit is simply a dedicated cable that connects your business to the internet.

Leased lines are superior to superfast and ultrafast fibre broadband lines  as they are uncontended and work on a 1:1 contention rate meaning the line is used exclusively by your business. All leased lines also offer symmetrical speeds providing you with the same speed for downloading and uploading data.

Why choose KAT Communications for your leased line?


Firstly KAT will perform a free fact find to find if a leased line is the right product for your business. Many businesses have been oversold a leased line in the past when it is not necessarily the right product for them.

Once requirements and needs are established KAT Communications can provide your business with a dedicated connection to your business  through multiple providers, including BT, Zen, Virgin and Vodafone to name but a few. Along with a guaranteed speed you can enjoy service level agreements ensuring quicker fault escalation and a guaranteed time to fix any issues as standard.

KAT Communications will co ordinate the installation with our partners and will take care of configuring and installing a router on site in order to get you online.

Features at a Glance:


  • FREE Survey.
  • Dedicated line with 100% uptime guarantee (when taken with resilient back up).
  • Symmetrical upload and download speeds ensuring high speed data transfer in both directions.
  • Scalable meaning increase the amount of bandwidth you need at anytime to meet the requirements of your business.
  • 24/7 support provided as standard on all leased line products.
  • Flexible contract terms from 12 to 36 months.

Should your business be struggling with poor broadband connectivity, require a more consistent connection for data transfer or require more information about leased lines please contact our team on 01302 260195 or

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