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Reducing carbon footprint through VoIP

Going Green or reducing carbon footprint is very topical and on trend at the moment in Doncaster. There are great examples of businesses who have embraced technologies such as Video Conferencing and implementing a VoIP phone system to cut down on their carbon footprint. Some companies such as Microsoft plan to go one stage further and go carbon negative.


VoIP offers many business benefits such as cost savings but did you know you could reduce your carbon footprint through VoIP?  Here we look at how implementing a VoIP phone system can help reduce that footprint:

Reduced Travel Costs:

Do you need to go into the office everyday? Does every customer meeting need to be in person? Use the power of VoIP. VoIP is more than just a phone. With screensharing and Video conference options do you always need to travel?

A KAT VoIP system will allow your staff to communicate not only across multiple sites but also from a home location as if they are in the same office.

More people are working away from the main office as part of flexible working and this reduces the number of cars on the road commuting to work. It also reduces the utility bills of the company with less people in the office.

Efficient Cloud Hosting:

Using a KAT hosted VoIP phone system instead of a traditional on site PBX system allows you to reduce your environmental impact in two ways.

Firstly, an on site system means the purchase and installation of hardware. This not only has a hardware cost impact but also adds to the energy footprint via the manufacture of the equipment, the shipping of the equipment and the environmental costs of engineers coming to install it.

Having your phone system in the cloud, and not on site reduces energy costs. KATs VoIP partners group servers together and invest in climate controlled environments more effectively than a non IT business which reduces the overall energy being used to maintain it.

When a Phone is not a Phone?:

VoIP through KAT is not just available on a desk or cordless phone but is also available as a ‘softphone’. Your phone system can be integrated onto existing, mobile phones, desktops, laptops or tablets.

Using existing devices is key in reducing your carbon footprint through VoIP. Energy isn’t used to manufacture or install a new device. It also means your phone system moves with you and you are not tied to your desk.

Further benefits of using KAT as your VoIP provider:

Electronic Billing:

At KAT our monthly invoices are only available via email or via a secure billing portal. No need for reams of printed paper that you will probably scan in anyway. And of course a reduction in postage and postal delivery costs, both financially and environmentally.

Equipment Recycling:

At KAT we have agreements with a number of handset recycling companies. Most phone parts can be recycled and can be reused and /or refurbished meaning it doesn’t reach landfill.

For more information on flexible working and reducing carbon footprint through VoIP contact our team via email or 01302 260195

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