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O2 RPI Price Increase – Not with KAT!

On 17th February the Office of National Statistics (ONS) announced the 2015 RPI rate of 1.1%.

O2 in line with this announcement will be increasing their prices in line with this RPI. O2 adjust their mobile tariff each year on their April bill by the RPI rate announced in the preceding February.

As a reminder, all o2 business customers who are connected to all business voice and data tariffs along with customers connected onto the o2 Pop Up Office tariffs will be affected. To give you an idea of what that means for you and your business, if you were on a £30 tariff that would be an increase of 33p a month, excluding VAT.

O2 have been working hard over the last 18 months, bringing 4G to over 360 towns and cities. They have also promised Ofcom, the independent regulator for communications, to provide indoor coverage for 98% of the population by the end of 2017. O2 are the only network to make that commitment so you get a great network experience, today and tomorrow thereby making it the best choice for business.

The team at KAT Communications have taken the decision to absorb this price increase from o2 and NOT pass the increase on to existing customers currently connected via their billing platform.

Should you have any question regarding this price increase or to discuss your mobile tariff then contact us today on 01302 260195 or via enquiries@

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