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KAT Supports FABLE for a better life with Epilepsy

As part of our KAT in the Community program we like to support and promote local people, local causes and local charities in the South Yorkshire area.

This month we have been helping FABLE who help to provide a better life for people with Epilepsy. FABLE was established in May 2005 by Sandra Howard in Sheffield.

Sandra gives epilepsy sufferers and their families somewhere to turn for support, something she never had when Gareth, now 35, was a child. Her baby was just 14 hours old when he stopped breathing and turned blue three times. Sandra was a nurse and knew something was terribly wrong.

Gareth had suffered a stroke at birth. At three, he was diagnosed with epilepsy and endured dangerous seizures throughout his childhood. Gareths condition deteriotated badly and then one day Sandra was a program on TV that changed everything. It was about a new treatment for epilepsy called Vagus Nerve Strimulation (VNS) therapy.

It was at this stage that she realised that her family were not the only ones struggling alone with epilepsy and that is when Fable was launched.

Monthly and as part of their ongoing fundraising, FABLE run a monthly prize draw called the ‘Fable Flutter’ and we were proud to be asked to be sponsor for this monthly event. Have a look at the Facebook page here to see our Director Anthony and FABLE Founder Sandra Howard drawing the prize winning tickets.

For more information on Fable visit or contact them on 0114 275 5335

Should you know of any local causes, local people or local charities that you feel needs our support then contact us via enquiries@ or 01302 260195.


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