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Broadbnnd Price Increases

KAT protecting you from broadband price inceases

Price increases at any time are not a good thing but the recent announcement by many of the UKs broadband suppliers announcing substantial price increases could not have come at a worse time.

Broadband price increases:


News reports, on a daily basis are suggesting that internet service providers are increasing their broadband prices by over 14% from March and April 2023, examples quoted are BT (14.4%), EE (14.4%), Plusnet (14.4%), Vodafone (14.4%), Talk Talk (14.2%) and Shell Energy (13.5%).

These prices have come because most broadband providers use the Consumer Price Index (CPI) to incorporate inflation into their pricing, and then add another 4% on to cover increasing business costs. However its not solely inflation that is driving this price rise as Anthony Temperton, director at KAT Communications states:

Most broadband suppliers connect to the backbone of Openreach’s network and Openreach price rises are both inflationary and to fund further investment in their full fibre network, so this as well as the inflationary pressures on the telecom providers such as TalkTalk have contributed to this significant price hike

KAT Communications freeze pricing:


Anthony added

At KAT we always endeavour to put the customer first and help where we can. During the pandemic we provided remote working solutions, such as softphones to our customers at cost price so as to enable them to continue to trade and now we feel we need to step up again so with that in mind we will not be passing on the price increases from our suppliers.”

While we understand that other telecoms providers will have to raise their prices, due to their costs of doing business, whether that be utility prices, property, network or people costs rising exponentially we do feel if end users can be supported, even on lower margins (as long as service isn’t affected) then they should be and that is why KAT are determined to try their best to support their customers through the cost crisis.

What next?


Should you any queries regards your broadband service or require advice on an existing broadband contract then please contact our team on or on 01302 260195.

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