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Is your business network robust enough to embrace full fibre technology?

Full fibre broadband is here to stay. Investing in your broadband infrastructure today is crucial in helping you meet all future requirements of your business.

After all, while the digital revolution is creating new and exciting opportunities, none of this can be achieved without connectivity and broadband. KAT Communications have spoken about the benefits of full fibre solutions that Ultrafast broadband can give a business. This viewpoint was further enforced by Matt Hancock, Minister of State for Digital and Culture.

At the Broadband World Forum, Matt presented his vision for the future of the UK’s digital infrastructure: “The future is (full) fibre. Interim technologies, yes. Part fibre, great. Satellites, sure, where necessary. But around the world the evidence increasingly points to fibre as the underpinning of a digital nation.

The challenge is to come up with a plan that works for everyone – and to ensure we meet citizens’ expectations not only today but in expectation of tomorrow so we always stay a step ahead.”

As the internet is the lifeblood of countless UK businesses and any downtime means lost productivity.

Recent research findings from Opinium* highlighted that internet outages in 2015 cost UK businesses £12.3 billion in lost productivity, breaking down to £521 per employee. Can you afford this? We have recently highlighted how we saved one company from closing down by providing full fibre broadband.

Statistics like this show exactly why lost productivity is a key reason to invest in IT infrastructure. KAT Communications for many years have talked about the importance of great connectivity. We only partner with trusted tier 1 Internet service providers who we can rely on to support us and our customers.

Of course, security, commercial competitiveness and scalability are all equally vital and just as dependent on reliable connectivity. Full fibre broadband underpins all of this.

For a year now we have had businesses asking if we can provide IT support as their current provider lets them down on a 24/7 basis. For that reason we will shortly be announcing an exciting partnership with a trusted IT company who can provide 24/7 IT support as well as solutions beyond the telecom solutions such as hosted phone systems and video conferencing we have become renowned for.

When poor connectivity impacts bottom line 

Finding your business without a data connection, even for a short time, can have huge operational and financial impacts, not to mention the inconvenience of diagnosing and fixing the problem.

Sometimes there’s little to be done to prevent an outage. What’s vital is having the right infrastructure and support in place to recover swiftly.

For businesses of all sizes, working with a trusted technology partner like KAT is a smart move. We, along with our trusted partners can recommend a sensible network architecture that meets each businesses’ needs and provide greater visibility of their IT environment with proactive monitoring and alerts. For more information contact our team on 01302 260195 or via email.


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