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Have you resigned yourself to receiving poor customer service with your telecoms provider?

The telecoms industry came in second place for the most complained about industry in 2016, beaten only by retail! Even banking and energy suppliers received less complaints than the telecoms industry. Out of the 55 million complaints made by Brits in 2016, 6.9 million complaints were aimed at telecoms. The industry has gotten itself such a bad reputation for customer service, that this information may not come as a terrible shock to you!

One of the main complaints about the telecoms industry, was how badly they dealt with complaints. Not only are telecoms companies providing a shoddy service to their customers, they aren’t resolving issues when they arise and little is being done about poor customer satisfaction. This is problematic enough when it’s just you or your family who are experiencing unreliable service at home. When you have a business with multiple employees, some of whom may be working remotely or in other locations, issues with your telecoms can cause more than frustration, you can lose valuable working hours and money.

In a Which? survey about customer service, BT, Talktalk and Vodafone were rated in the bottom five. With some of the biggest names in the business being responsible for the highest percentage of complaints, it’s no wonder that this is an industry where customers simply resign themselves to the fact that they are going to be unhappy with their contract and do not shop around. If you’ve tried several different broadband, landline or mobile providers and they’ve all been terrible, it can seem pointless to change to a different company. Especially if your current provider is offering you a cheap deal to tie you into another two years.

Telecoms companies provide a service that is now seen as an essential utility, we depend on our phone and internet and this can be taken advantage of. A poor attitude towards customer satisfaction actually costs the industry £2.98 billion, as customers end up reducing their spend. 79% of people surveyed by Consumer Action Monitor, said that they were unlikely to return to a brand that handled customer complaints badly. So it makes much more sense to respond to and resolve issues.

If your service is good, long term commitments aren’t necessary. We don’t tie customers into long contracts because we know that they’ll be happy enough with our attentive customer service to continue doing business with us. This is why we offer the option of 30 day rolling agreements and give you full control over your own contract. We simply don’t need to use contracts to secure a customer in place. Our customers are very happy with our services, value for money, and love the fact that they can call a named contact who will quickly help them out if they have any questions.

‘What attracted us to KAT was the fact that they could offer us the flexibility we needed in terms of system functionality, future proofing and contract commitment. We were impressed with the fact that they could be cost effective and at the same time offer us a short term contract. They didn’t feel the need to tie customers down to a long term commitment. They seemed happy that their excellent customer service would retain the customer. We’re really happy that we’ve got KAT on board. They’ve fulfilled all their promises, they’ve always been there to answer any queries and they’ve attended to any amendments and additions to the system that we’ve needed. In business, it’s imperative to have partners that you can trust in the long term, we’ve found that in KAT.’Jenkinson Electrical Engineering

If you’re unhappy with your current business telecoms  provider and would like to discuss solutions, give us a call on 01302 260195 or email enquiries@

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