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Doncaster telecoms business out performs BT-owned PlusNet boosting South Yorkshire broadband connectivity

In September, local telecoms specialists KAT Communications overtook BT-owned PlusNet with the number of South Yorkshire businesses connected to superfast broadband using the Governments Connection Vouchers scheme.

The small, family-run business consistently performs in the top 10 of businesses providing Connection Vouchers in South Yorkshire, bringing greater productivity to the local economy through the government scheme.

The Connection Vouchers are part of a £40m government scheme to increase the amount of businesses benefiting from superfast broadband in the UK.

The scheme means businesses can apply for up to £3,000 to install and connect superfast broadband, with around 1,000 vouchers being issued each week throughout the UK.

Anthony Temperton, owner of KAT Communications said, “Recently, the up-take for Connection Vouchers has been slower in some parts of South Yorkshire than many places across the UK, but we focus on having proper conversations with business owners about the many benefits that superfast broadband brings.

“We’re excited about the progress we’re making in connecting small businesses to superfast broadband, in most cases without it costing them a penny extra.

“With such a small team of people we focus on having proper conversations with business owners about using connectivity as a platform for creating bigger opportunities and improved productivity.”

With BT planning to phase-out ISDN phone lines by 2025, many businesses around South Yorkshire have started migrating their phone lines to cloud based VoIP telephony now that they can have more reliable connectivity.

A recent study by Superfast Cornwall showed that 79% of businesses connected with superfast broadband were able to save time and / or money.

Also, 49% of businesses said that superfast broadband had given them access to new markets, both nationally and overseas.

Liam Swift, founder of Helm at Woodfield Business Park in Doncaster recently benefitted from a Connection Voucher provided by KAT Communications.

“Helm is a co-working space, so it’s important for us to have a reliable connection to allow us all to work cooperatively,” said Liam.

“Anthony took the time to speak to us and find out what would be the best solution for the various businesses that use this collaborative space.”

“We left it completely in the hands of KAT Comms. The transition was seamless, and we now have a broadband connection that not only allows us to be more creative but will be reliable as more businesses become part of this space.”

The Connection Vouchers Scheme is due to run until March 2016, with over £40m being made available. However, the demand continues to grow and the money is expected to run out by November this year.

To find out how you can access the Connection Voucher scheme for a superfast upgrade, contact enquiries@katcommunications or call KAT Communications on 01302 260195.

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