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Common concerns about moving to VoIP

Moving your business to a new technology can be daunting especially when you are used to the way your phone system works so it is not surprising you may have some concerns about moving to VoIP.
Most reasons when asked for stopping moving to VoIP are myths and there are very few real issues.


It is important to us at KAT that are customers are happy with their VoIP phone system  (after all thats whats made our VoIP solutions award winning!) and that’s we try to debunk any myths and answer any concerns about moving to VoIP at an early stage. Concerns we have heard in the past include:

1. It’s too expensive – generally the latest technology comes with the highest price tag, but VoIP has been around for 20 years now. The majority of businesses can make significant savings against traditional ISDN or analogue phone systems of up to 50% on line rental and 25% on call charges.

With VoIP there are no expensive ISDN lines to pay for, no maintenance charges and in some cases, dependent on the call plan no divert charges.

Set up costs are also at a minimum, at KAT we can provide free handsets or softphones, a free 24/7 installation service couple with free training and ongoing support.

2. VoIP cannot be trusted as it runs on broadband – VoIP has been around for many years now and yes; the technology was around before the broadband became to the level we have today to support it. At KAT we offer a full free survey and advise if and how we feel your broadband can support a VoIP phone system.

  • A recent survey showed that less than 0.005% of respondents were dissatisfied with call quality of their system and 17% of businesses moved from ISDN to VoIP for improved call quality, security and reliability.
  • Approximately 31% if all businesses who use VoIP do so for its cost saving and productivity boosting features. Major companies have demonstrated their trust in VoIP. Openreach announced it will migrate all customers from traditional landlines to VoIP by 2025.
  • Our own figures also show 99.99% voip service uptime and an under 2 hour fix time

3. VoIP is only good for large businesses or businesses with multiple sites – Again not true, VoIP benefits small businesses. Small businesses tend to rely on their teams being out and about and being able to get your phone system calls on the move is a great benefit to a small businesses. Also, as the business grows a VoIP system can grow with you due to its plug and play technology and software driven add ons such as call recording, call reporting and hold music.

4. I cannot keep my phone number – Yes you can and this is a common myth we have heard many times. So much so it has its own blog post.

At KAT we spend time with our customers getting to know their business. Our relationships with our suppliers mean we do not offer an ‘off the shelf’ product and we can offer a tailored solution for your business. One size doesn’t fit all. What benefits one company doesn’t necessarily benefit the next one. At the end of the day you probably use your phone system different to your next door neighbour.

For truly independent advice from a company who have provided award winning VoIP solutions for over 10 years and who have built relationships with partners based on their quality of product and service call us on 01302 2601295 or email the team today.

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