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Cloud Phone Systems such as VoIP are the future and the future is now

The move to cloud phone systems such as VoIP can be seen as complicated, but it’s usually well worth the trouble, allowing businesses to gain agility, cost savings and improved user experiences. Often though, the impact of retaining legacy phone systems connected onto ISDN or analogue lines isn’t realised until businesses run into problems. Business owners are then faced with systems that cost too much to run, that are no longer supported or no longer support the needs of the business.

With BT announcing that their ISDN and most likely their analogue (copper line) network will be switched off in 2025 (and orders being stopped in 2020) businesses are now opting for cloud phone systems in some capacity. Whether it is hosted VoIP communications via a PC or mobile or on a more traditional but feature rich desk phone it’s apparent that there’s unparalleled benefits.

Rather than wait until your business runs into problems here are a few signs that it’s time to make the upgrade to a cloud phone system.

Your costs are growing

The cost to maintain a traditional phone system can be expensive, as well as faults you could also be paying for lines you no longer need. When we conduct regular audits with companies we find there are paying for lines that they either didn’t know they had or certainly didn’t need.  We have recently reviewed a company in Doncaster who had upgraded to VoIP with their previous supplier but was still being charged for lines they no longer use that were lined to their old system.

With a hosted VoIP solution through KAT you receive unlimited free software upgrades and ongoing free maintenance of your handsets. This means that you will save in maintenance costs but also with a hosted VoIP system you can switch on and off lines/extensions at will due to a choice of flexible licenses. Also the older the system the more likely the downtime for faults.

In the UK downtime costs UK plc over £2bn per year.

Disaster recovery on a hosted cloud phone system means calls can be immediately diverted elsewhere to another office or a mobile phone or to a telephone answering comany such as URVO to reduce downtime.

You need productivity improvements

If you are still using the same phone system features as when it was installed the chances are that you are missing out on new and improved features that will improve your businesses productivity. You may have access to basic features such as call hold and call transfer, but you may be missing out on enhanced plug and play features a hosted system can offer such as call recording and conference calling. The great thing with these enhanced features are because they are managed in the cloud they can be added or removed when necessary without any expensive site visits.

Your workforce is on the move

Even before Covid more businesses are becoming increasingly flexible with an anticipated 40% of the worldwide workforce due to be mobile by 2020.  Business demands for greater flexibility and work from home support without compromising on quality. Cloud phone systems gives your employees the ability to communicate anywhere and from any device. Whether that be a softphone on a pc or mobile or a desk phone at home all linked onto the same system with the same features and directory with extension dialling and the ability to call out as if they are in the office.

Your legacy phone system is dated

Most fixed office phone systems are inflexible and the system a business is left with at the end of a lease or a minimum term is very rarely fit for purpose and is often in need for an upgrade. This end of lease or minimum term is the ideal time to upgrade to a hosted phone system rather than spending more money on old technology. Traditional ISDN lines and more likely analogue lines will cease in 2025 so it doesn’t make sense to invest in technology that will eventually become useless.

A multi site solution is needed

At KAT we have seen an increase in businesses expanding over 2 or more sites. A cloud phone system allows you to quickly increase capacity or add features as and when you need them. What’s more despite being connected over multiple sites as you are connected via the internet you all share the same system. Most hosted providers provide free calls between sites, at KAT we have taken that to another level and do not charge for any UK landline calls beginning 01 and 02 and 03.

Is now the time to upgrade your system? With prices from £6.99 per month for unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles contact the KAT Communications team via 01302 260195 or via enquiries@

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