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BT Redcare is Closing

BT have announced the closure of their Redcare division to its customers via email and letter.

What is BT Redcare?

Redcare is BT’s security division, providing monitored intruder and fire alarm systems to both businesses and homes across the UK. BT in the past have described itself as “the largest supplier of fire and security alarm signalling systems in the UK.”

No reason has been given for the closure. It could be to due to the PSTN switch off in 2025, or it could be that the division is not making the profits it once was. Strangely despite announcing closure of the division they are still taking orders for its products and services with the caveat of as long as the customer knows they can only have the service until August 2025.

What to do next?

On a positive note BT are not expecting or indeed wanting all customers to move away at the last minute so from 1st March 2024 all early termination charges are being waived so customers can find an alternative solution.

KAT strongly advise you contact your intruder or fire alarm company for alternative options on monitoring. Should you have any questions re this article please contact our team on or call or whatsapp 01302 260195.


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