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Auto-Switch – the new way to change mobile provider

From 1 July 2019, under new OFCOM regulation all mobile providers will introduce Auto-Switch which is a new and simplified way for consumer and business customers to switch 1 to 24 mobile phone numbers between providers.

Estimates suggest there are 15% of mobile phone users in the UK out of contract and overpaying for their services to the tune of £325 million per year.

2 in 5 customers have been negatively affected by a transfer to another supplier, whether that be losing their number, navigating and automated phone service or being place on hold for hours on end.

Auto-Switch allows customers to control the contact they have with their existing mobile provider when they are looking to move away from them, including avoiding having a phone conversation if they do not want to have one.

Additionally, customers will only need to contact their new provider once – to port their existing number or cancel their old service without keeping their number. After doing this, the port or cancellation occurs automatically, and the new service starts.

So what does this mean?

        • Firstly, this regulation covers all business types regardless of size, who want to move 1 to 24 mobile phone numbers to another mobile provider. Anything over 25 mobile phone numbers is not covered under the new regulation and the bulk process remain unchanged.
        • From 1 July 2019 customers will be able to request a switching code (PAC or STAC) using a free text service to their network provider for single phone number accounts, as well as by phone. The network providers are not permitted to enter into any retention offer conversation until customers receive their PAC or STAC or Switching Information.  The PAC or STAC must be sent back to the customer within 48 hours.
        • Today we use PAC codes for porting which will remain unchanged, however OFCOM have introduced a new code called a STAC (Service Termination Authorisation Code), which customers can use if they want to move to another mobile provider but not take their mobile number with them.
        • 30-day notice periods for PAC and STAC switching are banned from 1 July 2019, so customers will no longer have to pay for their old and new service at the same time.
        • Mobile providers need to provide clear switching information to customers, which includes early termination fees, any major financial implications of switching on the customer agreements and other factual information that they consider customers should know about when they leave. It is the resellers responsibility to provide this information.

From 1 July 2019 these are the new Auto-Switch options for KAT Communication Customers:

        • New customers will be able to provide a PAC or STAC at the point of completing their KAT Customer agreement along with their required go live date.
        • Leaving customers will, when they’re ready to switch, give the PAC or STAC code to their new mobile provider AFTER agreeing to any outstanding charges.
        • Once they’ve got their new service their old service will be switched off within one working day.

For more information on the new auto – switch process or to review your mobile telecoms please contact KAT Communications via 01302 260195 or enquiries@

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