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Auto Compensation for Broadband customers now live!

Broadband Auto Compensation – what is it all about?

From 1st April, the voluntary auto compensation scheme goes live for broadband providers in the UK. The scheme is intended to provide consumers and small businesses with automatic compensation when providers fail to meet particular service standards. Currently there are over 7 million cases a year where broadband or landline customers suffer delayed repairs or installations.

What does it mean to KAT customers?

We appreciate broadband is an essential utility and that it is only fair that our customers receive compensation should there service be affected.  Following our #customerfirst #technologysecond approach and even though KAT Communications Ltd are not a broadband service provider we believe its right to provide auto compensation to our business customers as well.  However KAT will provide compensation for businesses regardless of size if affected by any of the below factors.

The eligibility criteria for auto compensation are:


  • Delayed repair

If a customer’s service stops working and the fault is not fixed within two working days, the Ofcom recommended compensation is £8 per day for each day until the fault is repaired.

  • Missed appointments

If an engineer doesn’t turn up for a scheduled appointment, or the appointment is cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice, Ofcom’s guidelines recommend that customers receive £25 compensation.

  • Delayed provision

If a customer is promised that a new service will go live on a given date and it doesn’t, the Ofcom recommended compensation figure is £5 per day (including the missed start date) until the service starts.

If any of the above scenarios occur for our customers, we will credit to our customers at the following levels:

Delayed repair £10 per day
Delayed provision £10 per day
Missed appointment £25

Should you require more information about the broadband auto compensation scheme please contact the team on enquiries@ or via 01302 260195.

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