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20th June 2015 – the date moving your broadband becomes easier!

From 20th June 2015 Ofcom are changing the way broadband services are migrated and the way consumer and business users switch between difference service providers. A new process will enable suppliers to  follow a process more similar to that which the phone line and utility providers have been using for many years.

Anthony Temperton of KAT Communications says “This is a welcome and long overdue move. Many businesses wish to transfer broadband suppliers but don’t as it is so problematic. Currently broadband customers wishing to change their broadband provider have to contact their existing supplier to ask for a Migration Access Code (MAC) and then pass this code to their new chosen provider. Typically these MAC codes do not work or the losing provider delay issuing the MAC causing a great deal of stress for the customer.”

KAT Communications believe many business customers stay with their existing supplier because of the ‘hassle factor’ of moving and are missing the opportunity to move in terms of not only cost-saving but also improving the performance of their broadband connection. Also with the Governments Superfast Connection Voucher program many businesses not being able to move have meant they havent been able to claim up to £3,000 that they are entitled to to boost their existing broadband performance.

Remember the date –  20th June 2015. When it comes to moving your broadband, whether you are an individual or a business, looking to switch supplier you will only need to contact your chosen new provider. No more chasing your existing supplier for that painful MAC code.

Your new service provider will arrange the transfer on your behalf, including informing the old provider of the requested change (who will then process any remaining contractual charges).

The removal of the MAC process will make switching far easier and therefore more attractive to residential & business consumers alike, as it will open up many exciting opportunities for those wishing to enhance their broadband connection and/or save money, without causing themselves a headache.

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