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We are delighted to offer our customers a new way to take secure and PCI DSS compliant card not present payments across numerous channels.

KATpay prevents sensitive card data from entering a businesses (merchants) environment, thus reducing acquirer processing fees and removing the risk of fraud related chargebacks associated with cardholder not present transactions.

Our affordable and flexible cloud payment solution allows consumers to pay merchants for goods and services online, on a mobile and over the telephone within the most secure environment. It even has the option to process secure transactions on applications such as Twitter, Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp.
Our KATpay payment processing system is fully compliant with PCI DSS industry security standards, and therefore offers your customer a secure area to complete e‑commerce transactions. In the UK, fraud is the greatest threat to payment security because it is used to finance crime. It also can have a tangible effect on your business. Our fraud prevention solutions prevent card transaction fraud from ever taking place.

Fraud related chargebacks eliminated

KATpay uses unique verification methods in the cardholder note present (CNP), mail order telephone order (MOTO) sales channels. By verifying the identity of the csutomer, fraud related chargeback liability is removed from the business and passed back to the card issues.

Saving in processing transaction costs

KATpay is a Pay-As-You-Go flexible term solution, which removes the need for a large upfront investment. KATpay is acquirer and payment services provider agnostic and because the cardholder not present (CNP) transactions are secured it can reduce acquirer premium transaction charges (PTC) which are deemed non-secure.

Cloud based innovation

KATpay has a swift roll out process due to operating on cloud based technology. No additional hardware investment is required and the solution can work with your existing phone system or a KAT cloud based phone system without any expensive add ons.

Reputation risk avoided

KATpay ensures that sensitive card data does not enter your business, simplifying PCI DSS compliance, whilst reassuring your customers. With no data in your business or work environment it eliminates the risk of payment card data breaches. This will in turn protect you from reputational damage.

PCI DSS compliance guaranteed

KATpay prevents all sensitive card data from entering the business environment, which takes the transaction completely out of scope for PCI DSS.
By using our partners unique technology we are able to facilitate a simplified approach to address the complexity of PCI DSS compliance for multi channel sales and telephone payments.

Enhance your service with the addition of KATchat and KATnetwork

KATchat If your using an Interactive live chat windows to engage with your customers.We have taken the next step to enable completion of a sale via this channel without the need to switch to a different service. This will result in greater customer experience and additional sales conversations by reducing the risk of drop off. Using our secure PCI DSS compliant payment options within the chat window a link can be sent to take payment instantly within the same chat.

  • Accept secure transactions in a chat window
  • Enhanced Customer Service
  • Higher Sales Conversion rate

KATnetwork Processing real time sales on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp and Twitter will give you a greater reach to react to your clients needs. KATNetwork, allows you to provide a PCI DSS compliant payment solution across all these channels.

  • Accept secure transactions on social media
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