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Business Broadband Solutions

Improve your productivity with future proof ultrafast full-fibre broadband or choose from our business grade superfast, standard broadband or leased line solutions all tailored for your business.

IT Support

Rolling 30 day IT support contracts with the type of saving you would expect to see only on long term contracts but with the flexibility to change your support agreement as both technology and your business changes.

Tailor your mobile plans using the latest devices from Samsung, Apple, LG, Huawei and OnePlus among others to help you find the right mobile telecom solution at the right price. Alternatively go SIM only on a rolling 30 day contract with our unlimited calls, texts and data plans on O2 or Vodafone

VoIP Phone Systems

Reduce capex and ongoing costs by using a cloud based VoIP phone system. Also, improve capability with a range of features from auto attendants, time of day routing of calls, hold music and call transfer, to call recording and integration with CRM systems and emails clients such as Outlook or Gmail..

Store your documents and data securely and access them easily from any location with our range of flexible cloud-based solutions.

Dont miss out on learning about your customers. Transform your Guest WiFi hotspot into a powerful marketing tool to boost business and improve your social media presence across platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at the same time.

Business Phone Lines

Reduce your bills with low-cost analogue and digital (ISDN) business phone line rentals on the UK’s largest telephone network with rates on average 45% cheaper than BT – and all without signing long term agreements.

Remote Working for Businesses

Increase the productivity and improve the health and wellbeing of your team wherever they are, with smart business IT and telecom solutions, in line with current UK flexible working legislation.

We know how important inbound calls are to your business. Making it easy for customers to call you and routing calls through to the right destination are critical for good customer service and closing sales quickly.

Does your business want to improve contact with existing customers or target new customers? Business text messaging through the web or through your existing email client has a higher read rate than email marketing.

Internet of Things (IoT) Title

Through our approved partners KAT enable device and application developers to connect to the Internet of things regardless of network provider or technology through our range of SIM cards.

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