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Business Broadband Solutions
  • Increased Productivity
  • Unlimited usage packages available
  • Agreement terms from 30 days
  • Static IP address provided free of charge
  • Choice of business grade hardware from suppliers such as Draytek and Cisco
  • Award winning network partners selected on quality of service and network reliability
  • FREE Connection on ALL broadband solutions (subject to terms & conditions)
  • FREE fibre or adsl broadband or 4g back up on ALL leased lines

Did you know that research has shown that the average employee loses an average of 38 hours of productivity per year because of poor business broadband. Has this been your experience?

Through KAT Communications, businesses throughout Yorkshire and Lincolnshire can take advantage of stable fast download and upload speeds over our chosen partners’ reliable networks, fully supported by our Doncaster based technical and account management team.

Our business grade only connections work across both single and multiple sites, and we will work with you to determine which of our solutions is most suitable for your needs. If you do not think your broadband is working at the speeds it should do run a wired speedtest here and send us the results. Our team will tell you the speed you should be getting.

Our business only broadband solutions act as a platform for everything we do; we use the latest technologies, making them easy to implement and use, from standard business broadband (ADSL), bonded lines and Superfast fibre internet connections such as FTTC and SoGEA to Ultrafast full fibre such as FTTP and fully managed bespoke wide area networks across multiple sites. We take pride in knowing that our experience and independence we have helped many businesses throughout Yorkshire and Lincolnshire with achieving the highest broadband speeds at a cost effective rate.

Through our range of broadband solutions you can access and share data more efficiently, allow users to work better across your business wherever they are based and enhance the way you communicate with your customers by providing a reliable and seamless customer experience.

At KAT we see broadband as an essential business utility. Good broadband shouldnt be a desire. – its a must have. Our solutions are a platform to help support the way you work and are the initial building blocks of a everything you do, whether thats cloud based accounting,  Microsoft365 solutions or simply going VoIP.

We have become experts in providing Ultrafast full fibre broadband (fttp) to businesses across South Yorkshire. Since its product launch in 2017 we have successfully provided full fibre solutions to busineses across Doncaster, Sheffield, Barnsley anbd Rotherham.

Full fibre coverage is improving all the time, network roll out in the last few weeks has meant an extra 100,000 properties now have access to a more stable broadband connection and lightning fast speeds.

Full fibre broadband is starting to revolutionise how businesses work on a day to day basis. With speeds on offer of up to 1GBps download and 115mbps upload and no reliance on old copper phone networks it will revolutionise how your business works.

Connect to the internet with fast and reliable speeds of up to 20Mb download and 1.2Mb upload using the 21CN network where available. We can have you all set up within six working days. Prices start from £9.99 ex VAT per month.

Our superfast Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) or ‘Part Fibre’ internet connections offer the fastest mass-market speeds available to cater for multiple users and the resulting increase in bandwidth. Available with or without a phone line using the latest SoGEA technology. Get up to an 80Mb download and up to 20Mb upload speed. We can have you up and running within ten working days. Contract options available from 30 days to 24 months. FREE Connection also available

Ultrafast ‘Full Fibre’ broadband or sometimes called Fibre to the Premise (FTTP) provides a fibre connection all the way from the telephone exchange to your premises. Unlike traditional Fibre Broadband (FTTC) which is a fibre connection from the telephone exchange to your local on-street cabinet, then a copper connection from the cabinet to your premises. FTTP is a 100% fibre connection offering lightning speeds and improved performance and stability of connection compared to FTTC or ADSL. With speeds of up to 1GBps download and a massive 115Mbps download we can install this product in conjunction with our partners in around 10 -15 days. All of our Ultrafast solutions are available with the option of critical care cover offering 99% guaranteed uptime and guaranteed throughput speeds. Ask us today about availability

If you require faster speeds than business broadband but are not in a fibre enabled area then our fast and cost effective bonded solution is the perfect alternative. With full availability across the UK we can combine up to four standard business broadband lines together to create a faster single connection. Unlike many combined solutions, our service uses an aggregated connection to take full advantage of the combined speed of all bonded lines. The speeds you receive will depend on the number and the quality of lines to your premises and the distance you are from the exchange, but in ideal conditions we can reach download speeds of up to 80Mb and upload speeds of up to 4Mb.

Our range of Fibre Ethernet and Ethernet First Mile Solutions that we offer through our partners are delivered over 2 main technologies which will provide the speed, reliability and flexibility needed to keep you connected, ensure productivity and support you with your business goals. Speeds of between 1Mbps up to 10Gbps ensure that the most demanded applications can be handled with ease. With the increase in coverage of superfast and ultrafast broadband leased line pricing has fallen significantly over the last 12 months. Let us review your current package today.

Ethernet over FTTC (or sometimes called General Ethernet Access (GEA)) is where existing fibre or copper connects your building to the nearest street cabinet and then a dedicated Ethernet line carries data to our partner’s core data network.

The solution gives you a guaranteed symmetrical upload and download speed of up to 20Mbps, however in certain areas download speeds can reach up to 80Mbps. This ensures you receive a high speed, cost effective solution that can be installed in half the time it takes to install a leased line. Pricing now starting from only £100 per month.

Our wireless broadband solutions are seen as an ideal solution to areas other fixed providers cannot reach from who we believe to be one of the UK’s leading wireless providers. Wireless Broadband is a solution that we believe is ideal for businesses who cannot connect to Superfast or Ultrafast fibre broadband or are restricted by the high costs of a leased line solution.

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